School Environment & Facilities

School Environment and Facilities

✧ Aside from classrooms and two children’s washrooms, there are also indoor gaming areas and group activity rooms available for use.
✧ We place special emphasis on the hygiene and sterilization in our school environment. Not only do we have a set of principles and requirements designated for normal circumstance and special times respectively, we also spend resources on improving the air quality and sterilization equipment. We use hospital-quality cleaning and disinfectant tablets, and reduce the use of pungent bleach, so as to lower the impact on the respiratory health of our students and teaching staff.


Facilities for air purification and sterilization Location Functions/ remarks
Air purifier Areas such as classrooms
activity rooms and corridors
Air purification
Formaldehyde removal
Ozone Hand Sterilizer Large Children’s Washroom Washing hands
Small Children’s Washroom
Ozone Water Machine Kitchen Soaking fruit
Pesticide removal
Utensils sterilization
Ozone Water Machine Outside the laundry room
(inside the Children
Cleaning and sterilizing the
washroom/ toys / carpets /
children’s beds / tools
Ozone Disinfector
(Normally used for
sterilization in hotel
Used alternatively for each
activity room
(Each area in school will be sterilized in turn. While the Ozone Disinfector is in use, no one is allowed to enter the sterilizing area. Once the sterilization is finished, the windows in the room will be opened and the room will be available for use again after the smell of zone is completely dissipated.)
Disinfectant Spraying
Area such as washrooms, playground, classrooms, group activity rooms and corridors Anti-bacteria
Formaldehyde removal
(Automatically releases disinfectant spray at designated times)