Parent-Teacher Association

Brief Introduction

Our Parent-Teacher Association was established in 2003. Any parent whose child is studying in our school, administrative staff or teaching staff is eligible to join as a member. Parent members should pay an annual fee to renew their membership. A members’ meeting is held at the beginning of every academic year.
The objectives of our establishment:
✧ To encourage parents’ engagement in activities held by our school and to facilitate the connection and communication between the school and parents.

✧ To strengthen cooperation between our school and parents and to organize a variety of activities for parents and young ones

✧ To set up a consultation mechanism and to take care of both children’s physical and mental health as well as overall development.


PTA Committee Members

Member List for the PTA Committee 2019/2020
Position Role Name
Consultant 李月芬校長
Chairperson Parent Committee 覃寶瑩女士(K2 楊雨恒家長)
Vice Chairperson Teacher Committee 黃婉儀主任
Treasurer Parent Committee 關蝶玲女士(K2 施浩然家長)
Vice Treasurer Teacher Committee 李曉錦老師
Secretary Parent Committee 林慧娜女士(K3 高靖家長)
General Affairs Parent Committee 任結桃女士(K3 范啟峻家長)
General Affairs Parent Committee 包文雋女士(K3 蔡翔宇家長)
General Affairs Parent Committee 楊明雅女士(K3 李偉霆家長、K1 李偉桐家長)
Liaison Parent Committee 劉飛鳳女士(K2 陳樂天家長)
Committee Parent Committee 王翠旋女士(K2 莊映慈家長)
Committee Parent Committee 袁浩旋先生(K3 袁庭匡家長、袁庭羲家長)
Committee Parent Committee 何綺結女士(N1 楊家愉家長)
Committee Parent Committee 任志榮女士(N1 鄺卓堯家長)
Committee Parent Committee 蔡嘉琪女士(K1 楊俊成家長)
Committee Parent Committee 黃國業先生(K1 黃錄鎧家長)

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